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The Good Shepherd

The Prodigal Son and Jesus Heals the Blind Man are the two unforgettable stories found in the Gospels and put to song on this CD. They are real and gripping and have become a favorite for many. The list continues as we move into the 20th century and learn about the Royal family and St. John of San Francisco. We cannot forget to mention the children's favorite: Saint Gerasimos and the Lion and the Guardian Angel...

Music Listing:

  • The Prodigal Son: Here is an ageless song about an ageless story. Generations of parents and families can relate their own experiences to this beautiful story filled with analogies about salvation, our present life and the life to come. The melody of this song along with the instruments rings out this story loud and clearly. (listen)
  • How Do I Adore Thee?: The tempo of this song keeps the listener moving along with the questions that the song is asking. A favorite from the original Good Shepherd...and even better. (listen)
  • Jesus Heals the Blind Man: This song is filled with tension and suspense. Not all of our Saviour's miracles were received with approval. Find out what happens to the blind man as the song unfolds the story with its expressive melody. (listen)
  • Jesus Raises Lazarus: The feelings of human grief are expressed in the song as the powerful drama of the story demonstrates Divine Power. Straight from the words of the Gospel, the gentle melody harp, guitar and violin along with a clear melodic voice, teaches the listener about the purpose of and resurrection of the soul and the body.(listen)
  • Real Power: "Tell me what is power, real, constructive might?" This poem now put to music, makes the listener think beyond the superficial notion of what real power is. The conversion of St. Adrian unfolds as the story is set in the time of pagan Rome in the arena filled with man eating beasts and Christians ready to die for Christ. The dramatic poem written by Prince Dmitry Mishetsky gives much food for thought.(listen)
  • Saint Gerasimos and the Lion: This is a favorite children's story about a lovable lion and his loyalty to St. Gerasimus.The end of the story proves the lion's capability to not only be obedient but to love his master. This story also provides us with another analogy about the "Good Shepherd" and the Christian life. (listen)
  • Guardian Angel: The words of this song, taken from the Orthodox prayers to the Guardian Angel, are sobering and penitent. The song is rich with hope and the melody is a favorite of many. (listen)
  • The Answer: This is another realistic and dramatic poem by Prince Dmitry Mishetsky. The haunting martyrdom of St. Dorothea is yet another example of the seriousness which with the Christians took the Christian life. Can we say the same about Christianity today? (listen)
  • Blessed John: He lived in the twentieth century but his example was like that of the first Christians. He was a true Apostle and wrought miracles without a television audience. He did not demand anything from anyone, but instead served the Orthodox peoples and cared for the abandoned orphans. He was a true shepherd and not a wolf in sheep's clothing. (listen)
  • The Royal Martyrs: It is almost impossible to explain with words the depth of the sorrows that occurred concerning the Tsar and his family. Who can begin to unravel it all? Not I. An artist can only try to express what it is they feel when looking upon their faces , knowing that they were lead like sheep to the slaughter in a time and place that few could survive and still remain a dignified human being. It is with a pure Christian heart that the words of the Tsar ring out when he said: "I have forgiven all." And when he also commands those around him: "Do not seek revenge.." Already a favorite song for many, we must remember those who went before us and learn from their meek and humble example. (listen)