Katina Patitsas

Katina Patitsas

The campers at Camp Nazareth, Pennsylvania could not forget Katina's music. That was 3o years ago.. It was then, at age 18, that a deep conviction entered her mind and heart to convey in song the deep Truths that the Orthodox Church had to offer. The words of the Gospels, the lives of the Saints all came to life within the lyrics and melodies of her songs. This took years to develop, although there is a timeless message that comes across every time her songs are heard. Young and old alike appreciate the stories and melodies. Even children of a very young age, grasp the lessons to be learned and are soothed by the vocals and beautiful melodies. Adults never seem to tire of the peacefulness that comes from listening to this folk music.

Katina has performed all over the country to audiences including the very young and the elderly. She has given concerts at Agape campground, Boston University Concert Hall, Stoneham Theatre in Boston, Orthodox Camps, and two radio interviews and a thirty minute performance on local TV and other local festivals. She is proud to have gone to Nashville and won first place for her Gospel song: "The Butterfly Song". Parents get your kleenex ready because there won't be a dry eye in an audience.

She is the mother of 5 sons. The best thing has been to be able to raise a family and manage to produce four cassettes and 3 CDs out of her home. These CDs have sold in countless bookstores and churches and continue to edify and touch anyone looking for a song of encouragement and a little window into the soul. Her fans are her greatest encouragement, along with the support of her husband and family. Enjoy her vocals and songs.....a rare experience in this day and age!!!!!

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Katina Performing as an Opening Act in Albuquerque, NM Saint George's Parish on 8/1