Katina in Concert

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Katina in Concert

Katina in Concert features two new tracks. The song "Barbara" and the song "Zion" are now available digitally. Along with the other previously released songs, this collection of music was performed live to an audience at the St. George music conference in Albuquerque New Mexico.

Beautiful and inspiring are just a few words to describe the songs. Take a break from your demanding day and turn onto a moment with Katina in Concert. You won't be disappointed!

Music Listing:

  • The Prodigal Son: Here is an ageless song about an ageless story. Generations of parents and families can relate their own experiences to this beautiful story filled with analogies about salvation, our present life and the life to come. The melody of this song along with the instruments rings out this story loud and clearly. (listen)
  • Zion: (listen)
  • The Winds and the Sea: This song from "Winds and tghe Sea" cassette has been a favorite for many. The powerful refrains are deeply poetic and deeply theological. St. Ephraim the Syrian, from the 4th century is describing that Christ is truly God and truly man. This is a fundamental belief of the Orthodox Church. (listen)
  • St. Xenia: (listen)
  • Barbara: (listen)
  • The Answer: This is another realistic and dramatic poem by Prince Dmitry Mishetsky. The haunting martyrdom of St. Dorothea is yet another example of the seriousness which with the Christians took the Christian life. Can we say the same about Christianity today? (listen)
  • The Butterfly Song: The flight of the Butterfly is an analogy for our lives. Full of sentiment and appreciation for God's creations. The song was written in 1979 about the butterfly. However, it was not completed until 1992, after life once again brought about change... and the the author (Katina) gained another perception, and expressed it in her music. (listen)