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In the Beginning

A good place to start is In the Beginning... However by the end of the album the listener will have gone from the crashing of waves to a garden of paradise to a change of heart and to a Christian's final destination... the Resurrections. Included are the seven days of creation found in the Book of Genesis, the Byzantine Hymn of Pascha and much more...

Music Listing:

  • Saint Demetrios of Thessalonika: Be inspired by a Saint most beloved by the Greek people. He is shown depicted on a red horse and is the guardian of Thessalonika and protector. (listen)
  • St. Euphrosynos the Cook: This Saint is a refuge for the down and out and the humble of spirit. His garden in Paradise is symbolized here by a garden of crosses. Otherwise, we can only imagine what a garden in Paradise would look like. (listen)
  • The Winds and the Sea: This song from "Winds and tghe Sea" cassette has been a favorite for many. The powerful refrains are deeply poetic and deeply theological. St. Ephraim the Syrian, from the 4th century is describing that Christ is truly God and truly man. This is a fundamental belief of the Orthodox Church. (listen)
  • St. John the Theologian: The poet Mar Jacob who was Bishop of Serugh in the early church, wrote the words of this song describing St. John the Theologian. His poetry is truly not of this world even though we still are. Hopefully the song will transport the listener to a higher realm as the loftiness of the words are awesome. (listen)
  • The Change (St. Eudokia): Change is sometimes difficult. Change comes with resistance and struggle. This beautiful poem written by a Russian Prince who left Russia before being killed by the Communists, gives the listener a gift. The gift is to take the simplest, uncomplicated moment in a person's life, express it in poetry, and allow the listener to feel the moment of change that occurred in this Saints life. (listen)
  • Troparian for Saint Anastasia: This Byzantine hymn is sung in Orthodox worship for St. Anastasia. The Saints offer us hope and help, through their untiring intercessions on our behalf. (listen)
  • In the Beginning: The music to this song was sitting under a pile of papers for seventeen years and then took another ten years until it has finally been published on this CD. It is the First Chapter of Genesis... word for word... about the Creation of the world. Its serenity and complexity are meant to be experienced and enjoyed by the listener. (listen)
  • The Doxastikon of Pascha: Every year we hear this beautiful hymn sung on Pascha (known as Easter, but understood as Pascha or Christian Passover by the Eastern Orthodox Church). It is deeply spiritual and timeless to the soul that hears it. (listen)
  • The Butterfly Song: The flight of the Butterfly is an analogy for our lives. Full of sentiment and appreciation for God's creations. The song was written in 1979 about the butterfly. However, it was not completed until 1992, after life once again brought about change... and the the author (Katina) gained another perception, and expressed it in her music. (listen)