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The Door to Repentance

Featuring new tracks as well as some old favorites.


This seemingly endless collection of ballads, parables, Christmas music, lives of the Saints, and more brings the listener to another world where song teaches about Christianity from it's earliest beginnings. Learn from the Old and New Testaments up to modern day. Your heart and soul will be enriched by it's simplicity and beauty.


What Katina's Fans Say...

"The lights were off here from a blizzard of snow outside, so I had my lampada burning by my icon corner and truly enjoyed your tape (by batteries). I've never heard Orthodox music presented in this fashion and I loved it! I work 6-7 months out on the Great Lakes (merchant marines) and I will truly enjoy this music on my travels."
          - G.M. from Marblehead, OH (read more)


"Then the son departed from his father's house
Taking with him all that his father had given him
He went far away losing himself in a whirlwind....."
~ from the song "The Prodigal Son"